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by therinamartins

Standing Out

Standing out requires courage. It might be a strange moment when all eyes are on you, but if you decide to be courageous, nothing is intimidating.

Inspire? Or be Inspired?

Did you know when you have courage, you inspire others to mirror you? They look up to you. They see you as their friend. And along the way, they end up inspiring you as well.

It's Hard.

But it's not impossible.

It Opens Doors

Yes, it does! The more people see how confident (or courageous, for a better word) you are, the farther your influence will go. And you never know who might just give you a call...

My Story...

I used to be very shy. Then I decided to stop being a baby and face the world. Today, I inspire others, making my dream come true. But I would never get to where I am now if I had been static.

It's a Choice

No one decides for you. Either you take that big step, or you don't. So you choose whether you want to mope in your droll life, or brighten someone else's day, and yours consequently.

Just Remember...

There will only be one of you in all history. If you don't do anything about it, don't complain about your life not beindg how you'd like it to be. You want to be left unknown? Or to shine?

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