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Being an Indie Author

by therinamartins

The best part:

You surf the web everyday. Okay, so that's because you write online...but it also means you get a great inspiration when writer's block come around. Internet surfing is daily routine, baby!

It gets dark sometimes....

You walk into it blindly, You don't know where you're going to end up, how you're going to get to wherever you're going, or what obstacles await you.

It gets slow....

There are days in which you don't advance an inch. No followers, no likes, no comments, Nada. Zilch. Nothing. So you just have to continue trudging on hoping that tomorrow will be better


You got someone you befriended? Well one. Now hold onto to them with teeth and nails. They can become jumping points for your growth. They help you, and in some cases they play editor for you

Use everything you have.

Everything you have can better your situation. Because, let's face it, you are dirt poor until you get someone to like what you write and publish it.

Going Indie means....

You're on your own. No agents, no second platforms. You are online by yourself. And you have to grow by yourself.

But it's not that bad...except for financially

You aren't going to rake in money with your first article. You're going to be doing things free for some time. Free is the sacrifice for recognition of your work and talent.

Home Base

Home will be your everything. Your office, your home, your safe place to write, your inspiration. So make it as comfy as possible. You'll be in there for some time.

Don't give up.

It's going to be hard. But most writers were Indies at some point too. Just continue what you're doing without losing strength and punch. You want to get better? Take free Skillshare classes.

Sell yourself

Market yourself as much as possible on Twitter, Instagram, and other writing communities. You have to stand out. Join startups that you see potential in. And above all.....

Be yourself.

People love that.

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