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A Second of Light

by therinamartins

We live, we fight, we run, we dream of the future.

Our minds revolve around a section of what makes us who we are, and we hold on tight to not let it go, to not lose it, to not lose what is probably our future in a bottle.

It's as if we are selfish. But are we? Yes. We are.

We don't let anyone in, we hold fast the door, barring it with anything available. And when someone comes knocking around, we hide deeper into our darkness...hoping that no one will see us.

But in the midst of all our mmistrust and doubts,

There arises a soul we can not help but love. A friend who seems the spitting image of ourselves, a twin in another form and manner. And we slowly crack the door open, letting them see inside.

Slowly opening more, until the door is wide open.

And somehow there isn't just our own dark little world rambling with our dreams and objectives and thoughts. There's a second of light that helps us see properly what we've been keeping safe.

A second of light...a flare of something more...

And somehow our life slowly starts to create a foundation. A base. And we can't seem to NOT have that person in our room with us. To share what rages inside. To rant, and laugh, and to dream.


We continue dreaming, but now our dreams and thoughts are being scrutinized... Checked and tested for liability. And we find ourselves more rational. More feet on the ground.

And all because we took the risk and opened our doors.

To let that's second of light come in and show us who we tuly were. Unafraid. True. And rational. (And sometimes impossible, too, but that's another story...)

So when you find that person...

Stick by her. Cherish her. Open up to her. Be sincere. And you'll find your life slowly becoming complete. Trust me, I have and now reap the joys of a strong friendship that will last.

A second of light does wonders to you.

Don't be afraid of it.

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