A Bandaged Heart
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A Bandaged Heart

I wonder if you know, how much it hurts- how much it hurts to know that in your eyes I am not perfect.

I wonder if you know how much I wish I didn't have to be like this- that my body wasn't like this.

I wonder if you know how hard I try to be like you want me to be.

And fail everytime.

It hurts.

My hearts breaks a little every time.

And every time I bandage it up. I put it over every break- over every crack- over every missing piece.

But it doesn't heal.

It's always there- a painful reminder of who I can never be.

I wonder if you know that sometimes I feel lonely. That sometimes, when I stop to breath, I am disappointed with myself.

I wonder if you know how much your words hurt me.

I smile to hide my feelings from myself. I cry in secret. I try to be strong. I whisper to myself: "I'm okay."

But am I?

Sometimes I just wish that you'd listen to me for once in your life and not critisice me for my failures and stumbles.

Is that too hard?

You can hurt me physically: the pain soon will disappear. But your words hurt me inside. They never disappear. I try to forgive. I try to move on. But I hurt.

Can't you see?

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