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Life, what else is there to say?


by therhig

We all enter the world in the same fashion;

From a dark, muffled world we call home for nine months. Ripped from familiarity and thrown into a cold, brilliant light. Screams of joy, fear, love, hope...all are present in this new world.

Milestones plague our everyday being;

We grow stronger, bolder, more carefree. And yet we still have our hands to they sky, begging for someone to pick us up, cradle and carry us through when the seemingly impossible comes along.

A single moment is all it can take,

To make your perfect world come crashing down. Emotions you cannot even begin to express take over your soul and will make or break you; in some cases you will break before you can even make it.

You are the victim here even though otherwise told,

And you find yourself flailing in a world that has no clue. You gasp for air, cry out for help and no one sees past the fake smile. You are dying on the inside; you feel like no one cares.

Your mind begins to crack and everything you have is lost.

They call you a liar; say you deserved it; you never should have dressed like that. Everything you once held dear is fading away, lost to the new you, you were forced to take on.

You continue to smile through the pain,

Even though not all is lost. This world feels hopeless as a never ending night encloses around your soul. You just can't see through your blinding rage, the sun always rises to clear the fog.

So you fall and hit rock bottom hard.

You swore you would never allow things to get this bad again. The scars bleed more heavily, tears flow freely for all to see. In this darkness the sunrises and a hand pulls you from the abyss.

And even though the world came crashing down, you endured.

While screaming, crying, and clawing your way out of the darkness, a soul was sent to help guide your way. Soothing the pain and whispering words of encouragement in the dark.

"Hold strong my dear, I am here for you."

And for the first time you know what it is like to be you. The you, you lost somewhere along the way, in a struggle of life and death. This is your chance, your new introduction.

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