The General's Plea
The General's Plea war stories

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The General's Plea

The stars are very beautiful high up in the sky,

They shine so brightly 'bove our heads, it makes me forget why,

Why we must wait like sleeping sheep, for the hungry wolves,

To come and take our freedom and our lives we once behold.

My chest is heavy from my heart, filled with pain and grief,

For the children I have yet to lose from the great black thief,

The thief that will come to take their lives and souls away,

Quick, and fast, and painless, I can only pray.

Although I am the general, in charge of all the boys,

The truth is that the name, it gives me oh no great of joys,

A good man knows his soldiers are the first out on the line,

He knows that each and every one will march to their decline.

They are all of my children, that I swore I would defend,

But that's unrealistic, I know that I must send,

Send them out to fight the war, to keep our people safe,

Even if it hurts my soul for the young lives that they will take.

I know that every one of them will spring to my command,

Do as I say without haste, though they do not understand,

The people and the land have needs and I cannot deny,

Because of this, I must send out my children all to die.

As a father of these men, it does not matter now,

Though against my morals, I have strongly made my vow,

To protect no matter what the cost, whatever it may be,

But that won't stop me now from crying out my plea.

These tears I cry in silence, no one will ever know,

I mourn every loss of every man, right before we go,

Go out and fight the battle, that I'll surely never win,

For sending out these men to die, will be my greatest sin.

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