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The curtain rises Act one begins

The director

The curtain rises

Act one begins

Beautiful and sweet

Masks of their sins

The lights in the room

Are so dim

I look to see

Yes, you grin


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I'm still not understanding it

Is this girl with this boy

Is she aware

Shes just a toy

Is he who

She thinks she knew

I'm thrown off

Wait confused

So he directs and he acts too

So he doesn't write the play

He doesnt decide what they say

But he says yes walk this way

And come in upstage

And there stay

Oh but he is also in the play

Woah this shit is a charade

So he can choose who he hires

And if shes not cool enough shes fired

And if shes beautiful so retired

He also cuts some speakers wired

So the sounds are muffled or higher

Oh it is making sense

So no matter he controls this shit

He acts

He plays

He even sets the stage

This director is the best

Shhhhh let's watch the rest.

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