My thoughts on the 'ship' pairings involving me
My thoughts on the 'ship' pairings involving me shoto stories

therealtodoroki Don't touch Kirishima, he is mine
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fans are a scary thing sometimes...

My thoughts on the 'ship' pairings involving me

Midoriya and I, while close, are just friends there is no romance involved

Momo-chan and I have known each other for a while and have become close friends, I see her as more of a sister than a partner, also, I believe she is dating Jiro-chan

Katsuki-kun is an..*ahem**rubs neck* interesting choice

Kirishima-kun is a literal angel, he is so pure, I wouldn't deserve him

What is this???? Based on his quirk and fighting style alone I'm sure he's my brother Touya and then I see this???? Could someone please explain to me how this came about? I am very confused....

Inasa-kun barely knows me and I barely know him, why would we date?

I am a bit traumatized by what I have seen, I hope you are proud of yourselves


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