Wow tbh
Wow tbh love stories

therealgregsta This is my description, deal with it.
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By therealgregsta

Wow tbh

Disclaimer: This is fiction!

So one day my main man Sal was walking down the hall when I heard some girl whispering some crap to her friends.

But then I decided to start eavesdropping and I heard Sal's name. I wondered what was going on so I said to them "Hey, what's up".

One of them said "None yo BIZNES now get out".

But then I continued eavesdropping AGAIN and heard that one of them liked Sal.

He had always been known for being good-looking, and quite a few girls had liked him in the past (he's never had a girlfriend tho).

I told him about it. "Hey, one of those girls likes you". "Reeeeally" He said. "Who?" "Oh, I don't know. Gimme a sec."

Guess what I did. I started eavesdropping AGAIN. And then I heard who it was. It was Jessica, who also happened to be the most popular girl in the school.

"Ok, It's Jessica" I told him. "Ok" Sal said calmly, but I saw he was blushing. "You like her, don't you?" I teased. "NO" He said. "Ok, fine, maybe I do but don-- "Perfect!" I said. "I'll set you two up."

"Ayyyyyyyy!" I said. "You've got a date! You choose where and when but it has to be on sunday."

So yeah they get married and have 7 kids. The End!

P.S. The main character and Sal have telekinesis (That's the thing where you can move and control things with your mind).

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