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therainierAmateur writer and poet. Bye feelings!
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Wise Men Say

by theRainier

They say that knowledge is power However, I don’t think it’s true A genius can wake up in the morning hours Feeling ever slightly so blue

Power comes with great responsibility Yet, most leaders take none During disasters or crises Severely needed, but not done

Is it wiser to stay silent? Or wiser to stand up? The wisest stay reticent In thoughts, on how not to give up

It takes time to contemplate About the utterly impossible Due to the lack of faith Nevertheless desirable

Society has a schizophrenic ideology The belief in a miracle or an apocalypse Either way, no ability to foresee Failing to use the facts at their fingertips

Collectively we can solve this No omniscient being exists At least not one fulfilling our wish Because of its concurrent risks

No individual is the key Still, diversity creates a system So that synchronous science will be We simply have to assert to listen

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