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therainier Amateur writer and poet. Bye feelings!
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by theRainier

Your achievements, accomplishments and success, the usual things to be proud of

These are prizes, victories Why does society measure like this?

To me it doesn’t make much sense

Of course there is value in winning But, there is more value in failing

People always tell us to learn from our mistakes

This advice we follow on an individual level Why not on a societal level?

Our history books often leave out the most essential mistakes They leave out all the details that are the foundation of today’s issues

I keep wondering why? Whilst trying to learn from my own mistakes…

My friend told me that history books are written by the ones who have survived, who have won This might be a good reason why

we still make the same mistakes as back in the day The western wealth came into existence by

the exclusion of foreign groups Instead of sharing knowledge and wealth

…they stole it…

It is very painful to come to this realisation

I hope that we can rewrite history with all its failure and glory I hope so

So that, universally, the world and coming generations can and will be proud

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