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therainier Amateur writer and poet. Bye feelings!
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Pretty much sums it up

It's Something

by theRainier

I could confess to you out of the blue My apologies, because I won’t My outside seems fun I call it a fun facade

It’s the barrier between you and me It’s the barrier between my emotions and my rationality It’s the barrier which defies my self understanding It’s the barrier that makes me survive

It’s my cloak of invisibility So that you can’t see me So that you can’t see my true self It’s my key to my public health

Or so… I thought

I have survived for many years Doing so in this manner Behind my facade I shedded tears I couldn’t be sadder

My personal health got worse My feelings were cursed My sanity served It's me, myself and I now first

Slowly unveiling the truth It scares me, your judgement Anxiety comes in rushing Depressing my current mood

But I've learned to share Share my problems I hope that you'll care At least I got it off my chest

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