The City Of Fate
The City Of Fate shortstory2016 stories

thepoemhavenI'm Anna & My tumblr is myth-ad
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Mila is a library assistant in a small town located in Ohio.Who decides to quit her job and move to New York City to become a writer.

The City Of Fate

by thepoemhaven aka A.D.

Your fate awaits you.

Horns blared as Mila swerved to avoid crashing her car on the crowded interstate. So far starting her plan of beginning again in New York had gotten off to a rocky start.

What's life anyways without risks?

With quitting her bland job as a library assistant of 5 years:She was bursting with desire to execute her longtime dream of being a writer. So what better place to do it then New York?

It's better to try and fail then to not try and wonder.

At least that's what she thought,but as she parked she chose to look on the bright side. Mila had a decent apartment and as she shook hands with the Chief,Mila knew that she had a shot.

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