The Epiphany at 3am
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I literally have no idea.

The Epiphany at 3am

Hey. Hi.

I know I didn't call. It's okay.

I don't want to put you out. You're not.

Can we talk? Sure.

Where are you going? I thought maybe we could talk inside.

Oh. It's January.

Yeah. And it's freezing.

I suppose it is. You don't want to come inside?

It's cold. Yes, I believe we covered that.

I thought the cold might promote honesty. Why are you here?

I need you to ask me a question. Oh?

Well? Do you have a particular one in mind?

I was hoping you'd know. Do you know how cold it is out here?

Of course I do. Okay, I am going back inside now.

Wait! I don't know what I need you to ask me. And I'm waiting because?

I know what kind of question I need you to ask me. You're kidding!

I need you to ask me a question that will make it all clear. What isn't clear?

Everything. Who I am, what I'm doing with my life, why I'm here. I don't have the answers you know.

I thought maybe if you asked the right question I would have some sort of realization, an epiphany! You're crazy.

Maybe. Just ask me something, anything! Okay. Why are you asking me for your magic question? You have loved ones and friends. We haven't spoken in years. So, why are you asking me?

Amazing. What is? Where are you going?

Home. It's cold out here.

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