Perhaps I Am to Be
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My entry for the story about this girl.

Perhaps I Am to Be

"Quiet Sorcerer! You've already stolen from me. You will not now rob me of my right to speak!

Day in and day out I am what I am supposed to be, what you turned me into.

I am to be unimposing of voice. I am to be calm. I am to be good company.

I am to be striking yet fair of appearance. I am to be capable and still to have need for the strength of another, but only a specific kind of other.

I am to be intelligent enough to dance around the feelings of those you hold dear, but also simple so that I may lift them up.

I am to be open and inviting, but only cautiously so for fear of being branded indecent.

I am to be the supporting act of my own life. I am to be a secondary life-form because you favor your o t h e r creation.

Do not let lies leave your lips in telling me it is not so. Your toxic hands hide in the shadow of their power, aiding their trouncing feet upon our backs. They do not hide well enough.

Such cruelty you have imposed expecting me to live a life balancing on a wire! Complacently, I am. Neither rising nor falling.

I am to be- hold on, I seem to have struck a thought which invariably you hoped I never would! Truthfully, you favor your other creation. I did not see until now that I am the ultimate proof!

For you knew, oh you could not have been blind to it, your other creation was hopeless. Not at first, of course, but you could not keep your toxicity out! Oh, bumbling sorcerer, you infected them and you created my kind only to fix your mistake.

I am to be a remedy! Ha! Sorcerer, you unscrupulous twit! I am to be nothing. As it happens, I refuse to be at all. I will fix no one. Good night sorcerer; watch now as finally, fantastically, I fall"!

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