Today I saw
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Today I saw

Today I saw

I saw a man sitting in the corner

Asking for money while tears fell from his eyes

While a mass of people just pass by

He was just standing there hopeless

Depending on the mercy of others to feed his jar with coins

To feed his addiction to which he has no control

To feed his stomach to which bones were the only sight

Do you not see me sitting here?

Today I saw

I saw a man in a suit with leather shoes from some famous brand

Talking on the latest iPhone to someone who he pretends to have significant value

Parking his Porsche with a smile as wide as his pockets

Why isn't he crying? Where is his coin jar? Where are his bones? I ask myself

Today I saw

The writings of Shakespeare

The crimes of the mob

The songs of The Beatles

The Man begging for a piece of bread

Today I saw

How can such a rich world be so poor

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