Hold Your Hand
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A nurse’s dedication to her patients in life and death.

Hold Your Hand

I will hold your hand

when life looks bleak.

I will hold your hand

when your knees feel weak.

I will hold your hand

to help you stand,

and I will walk with you

to the promised land.

I will hold your hand

while you lie awake

in the middle of the night,

ready to give up

but you continue to fight,

both for your children's sake

and so your husband

isn't without his wife.

Even though, they don't understand

that every breath you take

feels like the sharp blade of a knife.

So, I will hold your hand

with a smile that's fake

and burdened with strife,

as you and I discuss what it means

when the doctor says,

"You can choose time, or quality of life."

Then, when it is all said and done,

I will still hold your hand

when you are gone.

I will still hold your hand,

though life moves on.

I will keep holding your hand

as I pray for you,

and for the loved ones

who weep beside you too.

I will hold your hand.

I will hold their hands.

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