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The Last Genocide covers the Final Fight between Sans and Frisk/Chara. But there is a surprise twist.

The Last Genocide: An Undertale Fan Fiction

by thelonelywriter

Congrats. You managed to reset the time line and kill almost EVERYONE in Mt. Ebbot's Underground. Chara has been asking you to reset...but the thrill of the kill drives you.

You enter Judgement Hall and you see a familiar face and hear a familiar phrase: "Do you want a bad time?" Sans stood right in front of you... Chara begs you to stop but you draw your knife.

"It's a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing, Flowers are blooming. On days like this, Kids like you should burn in hell." The fight begins.

Meanwhile, Asgore watches with a heavy heart from the throne room. "I wonder what would have happened had Chara been like this." He thought to himself as he watered the flowers.

The Fight Raged on neither side giving an inch. Sans and you kept on attacking and dodging. "Kid I'm mad let's speed it up." Sans said with a sly grin.

Just as he was about to attack, Chara Plunged the knife into your chest. You look at them in rage and you see them crying. "I cannot take this anymore." They said sadly. Sans looked confused.

Your soul began to rise from your body as you fell down bleeding. It cracks but not before Chara looked at Sans. "Sorry Sans," They said. "I am so sorry." The soul then explodes.

"Um? Get.....Dunked on I guess?" Sans said confused. He walked into the throne room where he told Asgore what had happened. "Chara saved you Sans... they were broken by the human's Bloodlust."

Sans teared up and cried. He was happy they were gone but at what cost? Sans, Flowey and Asgore were the only ones left. He then headed home and waited....for the LAST RESET.......

To Be Continued...

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