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I was on Google Plus and I noticed some Asses (excuse my language) making fun of someone who committed suicide. That and the fact my gf Olivia might die in four years is what inspired me to write this. SUICIDE IS NOT A LAUGHING MATTER!!!! I already lost a friend to suicide so this is also in memory of them

The Last Breath

by thelonelywriter

This story is dedicated to my beloved Oliva. I hope she lives body and in spirit and in memory of my friend who commited suicide a while back..

I walk into your room. The sight that awaited me shook me to my core. That night, you barely ate anything. Months had passed as the depression became worse and worse.

The Dull blade you carried got bloodier. I heard your cries a couple hours ago, then utter silence. I rushed in to see if you were alright, but you were dead.

Next to your body, I found a note that read such: "To my beloved, I know that you worry about me. It's ok, as you no longer have to worry anymore. I am sorry that I disappointed you. - Belle"

What was I going to tell her family? Panic Rushed through my brain. I couldn't bear to break the news to her loving parents...not after I promised them that I would protect her. I felt useless.

Soon I gathered up the courage and went to talk to them. They were mad at me spouting angry words like " Why didn't you stop her?" and "You're not allowed to attend the funeral." My heart broke.

I went and slept in the hotel room that she and I shared on our wedding day. The memories Rushing through my head as I thought of her favorite song: Mortician's Daughter by Black Veil Brides.

I hum the first chorus: "We booked our flight those years ago, I said, "I love you, " as I left you. Regrets still haunt my hollow head, But I promised you I will see you again, again."

I sat alone five years later at her grave, and I place on it a black rose, A symbol that life isn't always happy. I just hope that someday....we can meet each other again.

I kiss the Grave, Say a little prayer, and then walk home. I know that she would want me to live so that her legacy would not go to waste. "I love you always." I said as I went home

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