My Thoughts on LazyTown by Magnus Scheving
My Thoughts on LazyTown by Magnus Scheving stories
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My Thoughts on LazyTown by Magnus Scheving

by thelonelywriter

So I have recently watched all four seasons of this show purely for nostalgia's sake, but I wondered... what is the appeal to kids? What about this kooky show allowed kids to get out and play?

In this little writing I am going to explain the plot as well as some of the Key Messages that came with the show. Be warned, spoilers are coming your way.

I'll only be explaining the Events of The very first episode "Welcome to LazyTown." The plot thereafter is mainly the same.


The Episode begins with four kids Pixel, Stingy, Trixie, and Ziggy huddled around a TV watching Pixel play a video game.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of LazyTown, Milford Meanswell, is trying to prepare for the arrival of his relative Stephanie .

Deep below the town, Robbie Rotten is enjoying a piece of cake, as well as the all around laziness of the town.

Stephanie arrives in LazyTown and goes on a tour of her uncle's house. After that, goes to meet the kids of the town and play outside, but none of the kids want to play outside.

Mayor Meanswell then tells Stephanie about an athletic superhero named Number Nine who would do all sorts of Athletic things.

He also told Stephanie that The citizens would send letters to his airship in a Tube. He finds the tube and gives it to her as she writes a note and puts it in the tube and walks to the mailbox

She finds the mailbox as Robbie just so happens to walk by. She sends a letter that shoots into the air and is received by the very Superhero that LazyTown needs.

Enter Number 10 AKA Sporticus a "Slightly above Average Hero." He comes and shows the people of LazyTown How important it is to work out and eat healthy.

He performs a few feats of heroism from Saving Bessie Busybody from a pit dug by Robbie to Saving Stingy from falling off of a seesaw. He decides to stay in Lazytown Much To Robbie's disgust.

Robbie then vows to do all he can to stop Sporticus and return LazyTown to its Lazy lifestyle.

Key Messages

Now there are a couple of messages that can be seen in this show: #1: The importance of exersice and healthy Eating #2: Making good friends. Both are pretty important for us.

My Thoughts on the Show

Overall, the acting was superb. They had to use some different actors now and then but the kookiness of the show made it as amazing as ever. The music was well made and the acting was great.

I made a playlist of Season One on YouTube so if you want to watch it talk to me and ill send you a link. Thank you for reading this and I hope you are all well.

And Remember to Exercise and eat healthy.

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