A Winter's Song
A Winter's Song stories

thelonelywriteran individual with many faces...
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This is based on a love that will remain in my past life

A Winter's Song

by thelonelywriter

As A single Flake of snow falls to the ground, so does my tear every time I am split apart from you. My heart is like ice that only you can melt. Your love is the only fire that keeps me warm.

But Just as snow melts away, so does a love that I thought would last forever. You move away to greener places and leave me numb. You freeze my heart and break it so that it never feels again....

Though I look to the frozen north... I always see your face, haunting me like a blizzard of hate and sorrow. You beg me to come back but I have changed...

Now I sit... alone in an old shack next to the fire... hoping never to set foot in the cold again. Never to feel loves embrace and to remain forever alone....forever hated...like a monster.

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