Breaking Down the Language Barrier in International Markets

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Launching a business with both a domestic and international audience can come with a palette of challenges. While trying to consider financial obstacles, assimilating with international culture can be just as important especially when looking to overcome language barriers.

Being able to communicate to international audiences is only the surface level. The next step is speaking on ideas and topics through content that those readers are familiar and interested in. Consumers outside of the U.S. are active and buying both products and services, often more frequently than those in America. With that said, overcoming the language barrier is a necessity when growing a global brand.

Breaking Down the Language Barrier in International Markets

Learn from the locals

When operating internationally, the quickest way to get involved in learning any given culture is through the people. The use of online surveys (with a nice incentive) is a great for feedback.

Translating documents

It’s essential to be proactive when translating documents into a country’s native language. It’s necessary to have this in-hand and thoroughly reviewed before launch day.

Visual communication is global

Pictures are common when annotating documents for international use because they can portray instructions, core messages, and other cues for a reader’s aid. Use visuals to dress written content!

Hire an Interpreter

Find someone who you can build a long-lasting relationship with and can act as the liaison between the language and your team. An interpreter can also help identify cultural themes.

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