The Theory of Mental Rest
The Theory of Mental Rest mental rest stories

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“Mental Rest is must before taking mental stress.”

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The Theory of Mental Rest

“Mental Rest is must before taking mental stress.”

You’ve definitely seen many times that if you are continuously stretching an Elastic material, at one stage it stops getting stretched. This is all due to the elastic fatigue in that material.

Stop it. Give it some rest. Comeback after some time, start stretching. Woho! It’s again stretching.

The same is with your Brain. Due to its regular and heavy usage, it got fatigued.

Stare at any Genius Mind.

There were many people around you, and you know them and you know that if they are genius or not.

If they are Genius, there must be one quality in them. Laziness. That’s defect more than a quality, but as this is making you Brilliant so we can use Quality in place of Defect.

If you could be a Genius?

Genius is not only all about his/her mental sharpness but also about his/her knowledge.

Start gaining knowledge. Here, there or wherever. Start reading books. Start listening people. Start looking towards FUTURE GENERATION. Start developing thoughts of your own.

The easiest of all, start writing enough.

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