Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Dark
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Dark first story stories
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thegreatbrit Just trying to have fun
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It's Max's first day at school, but he find something unexpected when the lights go out.

PS. Would love as much criticism as possible

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Dark

Max Baker looked at the clock again, the fourth time in fifteen minutes. It was his first day at Holy Trinity and he’d spent lunch talking to his classmates trying to make friends.

A fool proof plan to fit in at his new school. The problem was he forgot to go to the toilet.

The seven-year-old boy raised his hand and waited to get Miss Williams’ attention. She was busy helping Brett Taylor and Jenny Huggins with their times tables. Come on.

He pushed his right hand higher, till he was barely on his seat, and waved his hand to really emphasise the point. Come on Miss Williams.

“Yes Max? I’ll get to you in a second I ju-”

“I really gotta go to the toilet Miss. Really!” He said

“Alright, be quick.”

He gave an affirmative nod. He’d be as fast as he could, but it was a number two. He got out his seat, walking past Ted, and Freddy, Martha, and Billy.

As he got to the door, he let out a silent but deadly. Damn, right next to Sarah Jones, He hoped she wouldn’t hold it against him.

He opened the door and rushed out. He looked left, and then right. Damn, he forgot to ask where it was. It’d be too embarrassing to go back in and ask, especially if he let out another good one.

He made a choice, left it would be. He walked fast almost going into a jog when BAM! The lights went out. This wasn’t good. He didn’t have his night light, his blanket, or his teddy bear.

Dad wasn’t even in the other room to scare away the monsters.

He hurried faster. The school hallway felt like it went on for ever. He could make out a turn, he hoped this was the right way. He couldn’t hold it in much longer now.

He rushed around the corner, stopped, and froze still. Right in front of him was the biggest angriest dog he’d ever seen. No, it wasn’t a dog. It was a wolf.

It was nothing like the cute critters you’d see in cartoons. Its head could almost reach the ceiling and it was covered with dark matted fur.

Its glowing red eyes lit up the hallway and locked onto Max. The monster opened its mouth, showing a full set of sharp fangs. Drool dripped out its mouth, falling to the floor.

It opened its mouth wider, lifted its head up and let out a terrifying howl. Max slowly stepped backwards. The wolf tensed its muscles, leaned back and pounced into a sprint.

Max turned around and ran as fast as his little legs would take him. He raced around the corner back towards class. He just needed to make it in there, then he’d be safe. No.

If he did that then the wolf would get his class. They’d have no chance against it. He ran past the door to his class.

He was almost at the end of the Hallway when he heard a door open. He looked back it was his class.

The wolf turned around towards the door; a whole class was probably a lot tastier than one scrawny seven-year-old. There was nothing he could do now.

He kept on running, it was every man for himself.

He reached the end of the hallway. Nowhere left to turn now. He saw the wolf come around the corner, its mouth dripping with blood.

Max could barely breath, he was sweating horribly, and his heart felt ready to jump out his chest. He looked around for an escape. The wolf was getting closer now.

He saw a little supply cupboard, it was better than nothing. He ran inside, slamming the door on his way in. He turned the latch, locking himself inside, and curled up in the corner.

What a crummy start to his first day at his new school. He started to cry. Why couldn’t daddy be here. He’d know what to do, he always did. But he wasn’t.

Max was on his own, trapped in this dark dusty supply cupboard with no way out.

Scratch, Scratch, Scratch. It was at the door. He could see its red eyes staring at him through the cloudy, glazed glass at the top of the door. It scratched again.

Max held himself tighter, tears running down his face; soaking his shirt. This was it the end of the road. He’d just have to die here: away from mommy, daddy, and everyone he loved.

No. He wasn’t going to go down like this. Max Baker was no coward. This monster had scared him half to death, killed his new classmates, and was ready to kill him.

He reached around and found a wooden broomstick. This would have to do.

Max stood up straight, puffed out his chest, and took a deep breath. He walked towards the door and twisted the latch. 1…2…3…

He Jumped out and charged at the wolf. The lights came on, nearly blinded him. Max rubbed his eyes and looked down. Sitting on the floor was Miss Williams. She looked cross.

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