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A girl purchases a second-hand Sat Nav, and immediately wishes she hadn't.

The Sat Nav

I recently bought a second-hand Sat Nav from eBay. And I really wish I hadn't.

My compulsion to penny pinch had resulted in a few inconveniences in the past, but never something like this.

I was driving to an Airbnb I had booked for my cousin's wedding. The location was around an hour and a half away from my house - much further into the countryside than I ever care to frequent.

I had started my journey at 10:30pm. Driving at night was one of my favourite things. It was peaceful, and a lot less stress. Everything was going well. Apart from having a slightly dirty screen, the Sat Nav worked as if it were brand new.

That was until it glitched.

An hour into my journey, the Sat Nav told me to do a U-turn.

So I did. I thought the sudden change in direction was odd, but I didn't think about it too much.

Until it told me to turn into a road that led into a woodland. A road that wasn't even visible on the Sat Nav map.

I drove my old Ford Fiesta over the loose stone road (which was so narrow it was most likely a foot path) until I came to a tall iron gate. The gate was rusted, and covered in moss. I squinted, and looked around it for an intercom system - there wasn't one.

"You have reached your destination." Said the Sat Nav. Surely not. I thought to myself.

The only light within a mile radius was coming from my car headlights. I looked all around and recognised nothing from the Airbnb photos. Surely the hosts would include this grand gate, and woodland in their pictures?

All that I saw around me was trees, and a path leading into black. It was too late to text my host. And it was too late to text any of my family... Not that I had any signal in the fortress of trees anyway.

I attempted resetting the Sat Nav, and had the idea that I would input the correct address again. Perhaps it was just playing up. But the machine refused to restart. Almost out of ideas, I reversed my car slowly.

"Exit the vehicle. You have reached your destination." Said the Sat Nav.

I paused. And got out of my car.

That was a month ago, I think. Maybe more.

If you're reading this though, that's great. That's GREAT news. That means they listened to my wishes, and sent this message out to the first person they could find back out on the road.

So, listen, I don't know how you're going to find me, but please. I beg of you, just try.

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