Never Back Again (OTGW Fanfic) Pt. II
Never Back Again (OTGW Fanfic) Pt. II otgw stories

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Thank you guys, and enjoy Part 2

Never Back Again (OTGW Fanfic) Pt. II

Wirt led Dark and I through town, to the cemetery. "Wait. Why here?" I asked. "Because, this is how Greg and I went there...

I'm warning you, that if this does work, I don't know how to get back, and neither will you." Wirt said. Dark nodded. I simply felt myself pale.

I felt sickened. Something didn't feel right, and I didn't like it. "Greg and I climbed this wall, and we jumped over, because we were afraid of getting arrested...

and we landed on the other side of the tracks...well, there were tracks, but now they're gone." Wirt said once we reached the tall back wall of the cemetery.

The wall itself was covered in long thin vines, and weeds. Wirt pointed to a tree that seemed to be leaning against the old wall. "We used that tree to help us climb...

" Dark immediately began to vault herself over, and was on top of the wall in no time at all.

Both Wirt and I gaped at her. I was astonished at how fast she had gotten to the top. I climbed up after her, trying not to look down, because I hated heights.

I had to stay crouched down on the top of the wall.

I offered a hand to Wirt and helped him climb up. "The tracks were right there." Wirt panted as he pointed at the ground a couple feet away from the base of the wall.

There was nothing there but weeds and overgrown grasses. I bit the inside of my cheek to prevent myself from gagging. I really didn't feel good. Dark jumped down.

I went down after her, but I climbed down. Wirt followed.

I crouched down next to Dark. There were no tracks. But there was a faded animal trail. Next to that, was a steep slope. At the bottom of that was a pond. "Is that..." Dark asked.

Wirt nodded, wincing.

I approached the beginning of the slope. I imagined falling down it the way Wirt and his brother had. Dark and Wirt joined me, and we all stared down the slope.

"What if I slid down?" Dark asked. Wirt paled and shrugged.

Immediately, as if Wirt said it would, Dark sat down, and pushed off. She went sledding down the hill.

There was a faint sheen of ice on the slope, which I guessed was the reason she was sliding down so perfectly.

When she reached the bottom, she disappeared into the water. Wirt gasped. "Is she okay?" I asked, "DARK!" I called. But a few seconds later, Dark bobbed to the surface.

"Nope! That didn't work!" She called up to us. Both Wirt and I sighed in relief at the same time.

As Dark made her way back to the top, I turned back to the wall. But something shiny caught my eye. It was a long metal rail... "Uh...Wirt?" I called. I pushed aside the grass.

There were train tracks. And they were huge tracks too. Wirt and I could stand shoulder to shoulder, and still be within the metal rails.

Wirt was also not very pleased. "We have to get back up on the wall!" he yelped. I turned back to Dark. She was slightly past the halfway point. "C'mon! We gotta go!" I called down to her.

She doubled pace. The ground began to rumbling.

Dark finally managed to get to the top. She was complaining about how cold her fingers were. Wirt was already on the top of the wall. He looked like he was going to die, his face was very pale.

We made it to the wall. Dark made it over the wall in seconds, but I was scrambling for a hold. I heard a train whistle, as a roaring sound filled the atmosphere.

I looked over my shoulder just as a large black train filled my entire vision.

I felt someone pulling me. Then I felt like I was falling. I couldn't see anything but darkness. Then I was laying on my back, gasping for breath.

It was completely quiet, except for some else breathing hard besides me. The sky was cold and freezing. I realized it was snow.

I sat up quickly. There was snow everywhere. Dark was laying beside me. She looked shocked. Trees surrounded us. There was small wooden cottage next to us. Some smoke puffed out of it's chimney.

"Dark..." I whispered hoarsely.

Dark looked at me slowly. "Yeah?" "Where are we?" I asked her. Dark got stood up and looked around. "I-I don't know." She muttered.

The cottage door opened with a loud creak, causing Dark and I to turn our heads. A young girl about our age stepped out, and then she locked her purple eyes on the both of us.

"What are you doing here?" her voice rang out sharp and clear.

Dark and I looked at each other. Where was here? "Um, we're lost, and I have no idea where we are right now." Dark said for me.

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