Never Back Again (An Over the Garden Wall Fanfic) Pt. I
Never Back Again (An Over the Garden Wall Fanfic) Pt. I otgw stories

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Never Back Again (An Over the Garden Wall Fanfic) Pt. I

It wasn't to long ago, when a kid named Wirt from my school became famous for saving himself and his little brother from drowning. He was all that anyone talked about.

His little brother, Greg, kept telling these really out of wack stories, that could in no way happen. However, Wirt backed Greg up.

"We thought it was the Woodsman, but it was a...well, Beast." I once heard Wirt say. I'm not sure if I should believe him or not.

There is no way Wirt's stories were real, but Greg has the exact same stories.

So, I decided to join the propaganda. Ask a few questions. But I didn't want to do it while other people were around. So I waited a long time for everything to die down.

And surprisingly, it did. It didn't very long. People began to leave Wirt alone, but he was always with Sara.

So I decided to go to the other person who had information. Wirt's brother, Greg.

Greg was at the park, and he was a happy little kid. When I went to go talk to him, he introduced me to his frog, Jason Funderburker. The frog was huge, and simply blinked at me.

"So, Detective Funderburker wants to know why you've come to visit us." Greg said, shining a flashlight into my face.

I raised my arm to block the light. "Oh no!" Greg cried. "He's blocking our Light of Truth!" The frog croaked, and Greg gasped. "You're right!"

"Um, hi. Greg...My name's Venn. I just want to ask a couple questions. About the dre-um, place you and Wirt went after you guys rolled down the hill." I said.

Greg looked around with suspicion, and grabbed my arm, and pulled me under the slides. "You want to know about the UNKNOWN?" he asked dramatically.

"What's the Unknown?" I asked Greg, curious that the place had a name. "The place that me and Wirt went. Where Detective Funderburker comes from." Greg said as he lifted the frog in my face.

"The frog came from the Unknown?" I asked. Greg nodded slowly. "Wait..." Greg poked my face. "Not wood. Good."

I was really confused. Maybe I should have just asked Wir- "You're not the Beast." Greg said, relieved. I sighed in annoyance. "Can you describe the Beast to, Greg? What was he like?"

Greg turned on the flashlight, and pointed it up at his face. He looked kinda creepy. "The Beast is a meanie.

He is black all over, and has giant tree antlers that stick out of the side of his head." As Greg spoke, he drew in the sand.

The figure looked kinda creepy. Something straight out of a fairytale or nightmare.

"The Beast was following Me, Jason Funderburker, and Wirt, and Beatrice all over the place.-"

"Sorry, Greg, for interrupting." I cut in. "But who is Beatrice?"

Greg's frog croaked from it's spot on the sand. "Detective Funderburker says, 'You ask a lot of questions.' And he's right. I might start charging you. Hmm. A piece of candy for one question."

I let out a groan. I had a lot of left over candy from Halloween. But it was at home. "Fine. Greg. Will you be here tomorrow? I'll have candy by then."

Greg appeared to think it over. "Okay! I will be here tomorrow. And that's a roocckkk faaacct." Greg said, as he held a painted rock over his face.

Then he picked up his frog, and ran off, clamoring about a thieving villain behind a tree.

As he ran away, I could have sworn his frog was staring at me the entire time.

I took a picture of Greg's sand Beast, and left the playground. I studied the picture. The entire thing could be a lie. The Beast, The Unknown. It could just be a publicity stunt.

When I got home, I grabbed a gallon sized Ziploc bag, and scooped a bunch of candy out into it. When Greg and I met up tomorrow, I would be prepared. Two could play at this game.

I stuffed the candy in my backpack. My sketchbook and drawing pencil went too. Brought a phone charger too. I would be prepared. While I lay in bed, I stared at the Sand Beast that Greg drew.

It seemed to leer at me, daring me to find out more. Fine. I would.

The next day, I couldn't wait for the end of the school. I didn't pay too much attention in class, and the time to seem to mock me by going by very slow. But when that bell did ring, I was out.

I got to that park in no time.

But when I got there, it was empty. The swings and slides had no one on them. I checked all around. Greg wasn't here. I kicked the sand angrily.

"Hey." I heard a voice behind me. There was a girl behind me. She had brownish black hair, and she looked my age. And she had a small bag of candies in her hand.

She'd come for answers too. "He's not here." I mumbled, kicking the sand again. "So, what's your name?" She asked. "I'm Venn." I said. "Dark." she said, and got on a swing.

"So we got set up?" Dark asked over the creaks of the chains. "Yeah...I guess," I murmured.

I was trying not to freak out, because I was not really a people person, and Dark was trying to host a conversation. I was probably going to say something weird, and get frowned upon forever.

I sighed, "Well, I'm going to go-" "Come on, Wirt. please Please Please pleASE PLEASE Hurry!!!" Greg half yelled half whispered from the edge of the park.

I turned around. Greg was dragging Wirt to the park. Dark didn't get down from the swings, but she waved to Greg.

"I'm going as fast as I can without tripping on you, Greg!" Wirt protested. I looked at Dark. Our answers have arrived.

"Uh, hi." Dark said from the peak of her swinging. "Hi..." Wirt responded, "Greg...?" "If they ask a question, they have to give me candy. Lordly Duke Jason Funderburker came up with the idea.

Kay, I'm gonna go to our castle. Have fun Wirt!" Greg said, then ran off to go play on the playground.

"Greg..." Wirt sighed. Wirt sat on the curb where the sidewalk met the sand of the playground. "Well, ask away." Wirt said in a resigned voice.

I took out my phone, and showed Wirt the Sand Beast. "This is the Beast...right?" Wirt took my phone, and nodded. "Yeah...rather tricky guy. Covered in Darkness and shadows.

Almost tricked me into letting Greg die. He followed us the entire time we were trapped in the woods. You believe me right?" Wirt asked.

"I'm trying to figure that part out. Whether or not believe. But, I'm leaning more in the believable side." I told Wirt.

"I do!" Dark said from her swing. She jumped off and sat next to Wirt. "Can you take us there?" she asked. "To the Unknown?" Wirt asked incredulously. Dark nodded.

"I can take you where we entered, but I'm not sure if it'll work..."

I took my phone back from Wirt, and took out my bag of candy. Wirt's eyes grew big. "You m-must've had a few questions." I nodded. "I-I'm Venn, and that's Dark.

" I introduced myself and the girl. Wirt got up, "Let's go then."

I'll put more later. Wren, I haven't put u in yet, but you'll be in part 2, k :P

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