Demigod RP (Venn and Darkblood) Pt. 4
Demigod RP (Venn and Darkblood) Pt. 4 demigod stories

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just another part of the Demigod Rp. Tis part 4, with @darkblood

Demigod RP (Venn and Darkblood) Pt. 4

Puppy: *I bury my head in your neck.* “Woof!” I said. “She is yours.” The other person says.

Venn: * “M-my hellhound?” I asked incredulously. “D-does she have a n-name?”*

Dark: *I shake my head.* “The owner of a Hellhound names the pup.” I shiver again and pull Little Boi close, for the warmth he gives me. I buried my face in his thick, black and red fur.*

Venn: * “Oh. O-ok.” I studied the pup. Her pelt was soft and lush. It had a silvery and black coloring to it. “I-uh. Well, I’ll name you Storm.” I buried my face in hellhound’s soft fur.*

Dark: “Nice name.” I say, still in Little’s fur.

Venn: * “Thanks” I say to Dark. I am in love with the little pup. She is quite playful and attention demanding, but I didn’t care.*

Storm:(puppy) *I place my paws on your chest and bounce away.*

Dark: *I feel tears slide down my face and I shiver violently.*

Little Boi (hellhound): *I look at you(Venn) and paw the ground.*

Venn: * “Dark...A-are you ok?” I asked, trying to get up from the couch.*

Dark: *I shook my head.*

Venn: *I got off the couch shakily, and crouched next to Dark. I looked at her conceredly.*

Little Boi: *I look at you(Venn) and Lick Dark’s hand. ‘Dark…’ I think to her. I transform into a red haired male. My demon horns are sharp.*

Dark: *I feel Little Boi-No, Now it is Calo.- Transform to human.* “C-calo, Tell Venn.” I whisper.

Venn: *I freak out at the being in front of me, but Dark knows it, so I manage to not run away screaming. “T-tell me what?”*

Little Boi: “Dark is an Elf child of Hades, and… I’m her guard. I’m a demon that Dark found.” I explain.

Dark: *I nod*

Little Boi: “And… She said you are a healer. Heal her.” I demand.

Venn: * “I’m n-no healer...I just h-have food that heals people like us…D-do you have a package or box I could use?” I asked. “I need to ask Hermes for Nectar. It might be better than the ambrosia I gave her earlier.”*

Little Boi: *I walk to a small room and grabbed a box.* “Will this work?” I said.

Venn: *I took the box from the demon, and took out a marker that I typically kept in my pockets. I wrote a quick note to Hermes, and took out a drachma, and put it in the box. I thought to Hermes, and the box lifted out of my hands and disappeared. After a couple seconds, the doorbell rang.*

Little Boi: *I stared at you, still holding Dark.*

Dark: *I whimper.*

Venn: *I throw open the door, and there was a wrapped package that resembled a wine bottle. I tear through the wrapping, and opened the bottle. Little Boi held Dark’s head up, and I poured the sweet liquid into Dark’s mouth.*

Dark: *My eyes closed at the sweetness and I drank.*

Little Boi: *I watched Dark, worry clearly shown in my eyes.*

Venn: *I worriedly watched Dark’s face, looking for signs of distress or pain that I so often saw in the faces of the people who once knew me.*

Dark: *I finished half the bottle and looked up at you(Little Boi) * “T-thank you.” I whisper.

Little Boi: *I smile slightly, seeing Dark is OK.*

Venn: *My pup waddles over to me, and sniffs Dark worriedly. “Sh-She’ll be okay…” I told Storm, and brought Dark a blanket from the couch.*

Dark: *I pull the blanket around me, trying to get warm.*

Little Boi: *I turn back into a Hellhound and curl up beside you(Dark).*

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