Demigod Rp (Venn and Darkblood) Pt. 3
Demigod Rp (Venn and Darkblood) Pt. 3 demigod stories

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A demigod rp/collab with @darkblood

tis part 3

Demigod Rp (Venn and Darkblood) Pt. 3

Dark: *I walked to you.* “Is everything okay?” I asked. “Don’t leave, because outside is…” I bit my lip. “ A dangerous monster.” I sighed.

Venn: *I looked up a Dark. I could feel the pillow creases on my face, and Hellhound keeping my toes warm. “Y-yes, I’m ok...N-no I’m not. But...It’s fine, just a dream.” I tried to make my head clear of the image of Dark sprawled out, broken and dead, but I couldn’t.*

Dark: “I have dreams too…” I whisper.

Venn: * “Y-you do? A-are they n-nightmares?” I asked.*

Dark: “Some.” I sit down on the floor. “Others are visions. Of my father, my siblings spread across the worlds, and… My mother. She died because of my powers. A slave trader wanted me, and… He sent monsters after me. One killed my mother.” I looked up at you, tears in my eyes.

Venn: *I looked at Dark. “I-I-m sorry…” Gosh. I sounded so lame. “T-the monster th-that one of the s-slavetrader’s monsters?” I asked instead.*

Dark: “Yes, he is.” I nodded “Did you know… The Hellhounds are a gift from my father to protect me.” I smile slightly, petting Little Boi.

Venn: “I-Is it bad th-that I’m here, then?” I asked, my face somewhat paling.*

Dark: “The hounds killed three monsters, I killed 2.” I smiled. “So… no, it is not bad.”

Venn: * “H-how big were they?” I asked nervously, recalling the giant scaly leg that had broken out of the underbrush.*

Dark: “About… Twice the size of a Hellhound.” I say, pointing at Little Boi.

Venn: * I recoiled. “Th-The monster in my dream, i-it was bigger than th-that...I-It’s leg was at least the size of m-me.” I stammered, hoping that the fact that I was cold covered up the fear in my voice.”*

Dark: *I nodded my head slightly.* “Those are the more… Dangerous ones. But, I can control them.” I smile up at you.

Venn: *I nodded. “Y-You can?” I asked. “I-I don’t mean to doubt y-you...but in m-my dream...You were d-dead…”*

Dark: “Please tell me you are not a seer.” I whisper, laying on the ground.

Venn: * “I don’t kn-know what a s-seer is...I’m a-a son of Aeolus…” I said. I scratched Lighting’s head.*

Dark: “A seer can see the future.” I say quietly.

Venn: * “Oh,” I say dumbly. “D-Do you know how long th-this storm w-will last?” I ask.*

Dark: “Not much longer.” I whisper, growing tired. *I lie on the floor and curl into a ball.*

Venn: *I watched Dark as she began to sleep. I pet Lightning, and lay down to rest, praying that I wouldn’t dream again.*

Dark: *I whimpered.*

Little Boi(hellhound): *I jumped to Dark, and laid my head on her neck.* ‘Sleep well, Master.’ I said to her. ‘Thanks, Little Boi.’ She replied.

Dark: *I was still curled in a ball when I dreamed.* “My child.” I turned around to see my father. “Yes?” I said. “Here is a Hellhound pup. She is smart and will protect you.” My father handed me another Hellhound.“I have Little Boi!” I whispered. “Bye.” My father disappeared and I was home. I was holding another Hellhound.*

Venn: *I think I had a dream, but not really. It was just darkness around me the entire time. I opened my eyes when I heard a puppy’s whimpering bark.*

Puppy: *I see you and jump on you.* “Woof.” I bark.

Dark: *I look at you two and giggle slightly. I pet Little Boi.*

Venn: * “H-hey little guy!” I said, and sat up. I picked up the pup and scratched behind her ears. The pup was very energetic, and kept squirming happily.*

Dark: I smile* “Hellhounds like you.” I say. I smiled as the hellhound puppy licked your face.

Puppy: *I climb on the back of the couch and jump on your head.*

Venn: *The little pup balanced on my head, and began to sniff at my hair. “Where did the p-pup come from?” I asked.*

Dark: “She came from my father last night.” I said and pulled my knees up to my chin. I shivered slightly. I close my eyes.* “Venn?” I say.

Venn: * “Y-yes?” I take the pup off my head, and snuggled her in my arms.*

Dark: “...I don’t think she’s mine.” I look at you.

The end of pt 3... pt 4 will come out soon, and as will The next part of my Over The Garden Wall Fanfic <3 -Venn

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