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A place is not your home because you live there but because you feel home there.

Home by the Dreadist

It’s a nice day today, sunny, warm Still, I feel sad, cold, alone My eyes grow misty as I look around But I find no friend, I’m far from my kind

Homesick fangs rip into me Pain spreads, my heart grows heavy Deep sighs rapture, companions of mine In this dark, lead-legged time

I seek beauty, merely a wisp of grace Reminder of the dark cloud’s silver lace But now even the clear sky seems shaded The flowers, nature’s colors dim and faded

I feel like a hound in a pure glass car Choking in the air, from my real home so far But I refuse to give up, I break free The world again is beautiful to me

I miss my home, though there I've never been Ocean waves part me from my lifelong dream And even if the hope dwindles at times Art helps me to turn my pain into rhymes

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