bittersweet. an uncompleted song
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thecomatosemy nose is bigger than your dreams.
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lyrics of an uncompleted song.

bittersweet. an uncompleted song

by the comatose.

can i call this an addiction

multiple times, falling for the same love again and again there's no correction high for low, low for high along the lane do it again and again

what we had was sweet in your sugarcoat

but i was too bitter down your throat (and you still swallow, you still swallow)

it used to be a medicine to my heart

until you learn to overdose with gloves

this bittersweet, how long will it last

but it won't be the only thing we're tasting tonight

thank you.

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thecomatosemy nose is bigger than your dreams.
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thecomatosemy nose is bigger than your dreams.
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What do we call it when you repeat the same behavior and actions yet expect different results? This was a song for your generation. It was well written and I think it will touch many. Great song!!