My Morning Routine

thecliftonsmithCommunity member
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My morning routine. An iterative process 27.58 years and counting

My Morning Routine

by thecliftonsmith

Write Down My Dreams

Magical fairy land, don't let reality and being fully conscious make you forget, hurry quick the unicorn is running away

Get Up + Make my bed bedroom is not this fancy though

Open the blinds

...sometimes the struggle is real

Drink Soma Water + Start Coffee'ing

Hydration = good Good water is half the secret to great coffee Bulletproof coffee is the other half

Grind the coffee beans

2 tablespoons Bulletproof Coffee Beans in the ceramic hand mill...sometimes I regret not getting the electric option

Brew the Coffee

French Press: 30 seconds with just enough water to submerge the beans, then 3.5 minutes to brew…3.5 not 3.51 or 3.49…

Engage my belly (core work)

Well we're waiting 3.29 minutes now... Start at 0 and add 1 per day each of: Crunch, leg lifts, cherry pickers, bridge & superman

Add the butter + Brain Octane to the Mix

Mix all with hand blender for a few seconds Magic happens

Enjoy + #Pause

The day's going to be hectic enough

Stretch with Melodic Breathing

Triangular breathing: 8-10 seconds steady breath in, then out, then pause Trigger Point therapy on hamstrings, back and shoulders

Meditate with Muse

Get as many birdies for 5 minutes, check results No birdies = whatever, it’s not about the birds, it's about the journey...sure

Practice Singing

Lots of practice needed Luckily there's

Chakra Awakening Complete

Morning Routine Done. Shave and shower optional... like this style of writing/thinking? check out for more

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Meditation yes!

2 years agoReply
haha do you have roommates. Practice singing wouldn't work very well for me....

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This reminds me a bit of @dakotashane_nun 's lessons!

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Whoaaa what's the Muse like?????

2 years agoReply
You spend your life fine-tuning and educating your brain. Building intuition and listening to what it says while you're awake. The brain is still working (even more so) when you're asleep. Why do we ignore consciously processing what we think when we sleep? The more I write the dreams down, the more I remember them. It's not about meaning or creativity for me, but rather about building conscious awareness of what my brain is doing in all hours of my life. Give it a go!

sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
2 years agoReply
Ahh writing down your dreams! Is that part of "affirmation"? I know Scott Adams and many more are famous for doing that. How have you found it?