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Life wears us down! Sometimes, even as an artist, we need to give our minds, our hands, and our entire "SELVES" over to rest. I find reviving energy in nature's presentation. Allowing my thoughts to be cast away. Admitting my mind to experience, the call for, truth with greater meaning. I long to be set free from the fast-paced life. The poem pictures a man who's tired and finds himself in front of a beautiful scenery of graceful nature. He then understands that life signifies more than chasing rat-raced successes.

True Transcendence

On the wet grass, he sits; in front of him...

a tree of helios orange glowing enormity.

Although once before his striving stand—thrill-rides through the moonlight of megalopolis’ indigo—detestable open highways of shame.

Remembering the blue ice from their lips; the indigenous deceptions by men in tuxedos.

In wonderment before the skin of rough bark—sweet butterfly silt: he is set free in nature’s court.

His entire being, once far adrift, washed in true transcendence.

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