Falling Apart
Falling Apart  eric and female oc stories

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Jasmine Quill is mute. She hasn't always been mute, but she is different, and difference isn't smiled upon in her world.

Now she is sixteen and she must choose who she is. She must decided weather she should escape what she has aways known or if she is to go where she is told she belongs, or somewhere entirely different

Falling Apart

a c t o n e : i n i t i a t i o n

c h a p t e r o n e : a p t i t u d e t e s t

Jasmine Nicole Quill p.o.v.

Jasmine Nicole Quill born to Ellie and James Quill April 19th. She was a happy little girl. She was happy. Happy with her family. Happy with her friends. Happy with how her life.

Well, that was true, until the Incident occured. It changed her. She used to dream of being in Amity her whole life, never leaving, but that day changed her dreams.

She couldn’t leave Amity faster after that. Now she couldn’t run fast enough. She couldn’t escape the memories fast enough.

They clawed their way through her mind every night, and they plagued her thoughts during the day. They scarred her in such a way that she knew she would never be the same. And she wasn’t.

She was mute. It was willing choice she made.

“My flower?” Her father cooed softly in her ear as she sat deep in thought on a swing outside facing the gardens in the Quill’s backyard, “We’re eating dinner now.

Would you like to come with us?” Jasmine shook her head no, “Okay, but you know the rules, no bringing food outside the dining halls, and you must eat breakfast with us.

” He warned her, but she made no movement to acknowledge him. He let out a long sigh and watched his daughter for a few more seconds.

Every since she was young she had minor social anxiety, but when the Incident occured it took a turn for the worse. She became selectively mute.

The doctors said it was caused by her overwhelming emotions and social anxiety combined to cause her selective muteness she now has.

Her father left her alone on the swing. He worried for her and rightfully so. Her thoughts were never ones that children, or even young adults, should hear.

They are dangerous and dark, filled with pain and treachery. ‘What if’s pranced around in her mind like a devilish dance between a demon and an angel.

Both fighting for control; the demon is winning.

Days would fly by with her stuck in her thoughts on autopilot. She would start by getting out in bed, and then go to school.

Once it was time for them to come home she would go take care of the babies in the nursery; on occasion she took care of the toddlers.

She has been stuck on autopilot for the past two years. The first year after the Incident she couldn't separate herself. The autopilot was a curse in pretty wrapping paper.

It wasn’t until the day she walked out to find trucks all lined up and parents wishing their children good luck did she realize what day it was: Choosing Day.

“Goodbye, Flower.” Her mother kissed the crown of her head and she hugged Jasmine tightly to her chest afraid to let go.

Jasmine’s father gave her shoulder a reassuring squeeze before sending her off for a half day a school, and her aptitude test.

Jasmine turned from her parents and walked to the trucks that would carry her to the school in the city. This was one of the many bad part of the day.

She was forced into the trunk of a pickup cramed to the brim with people. Her mind ran through all the possible scenarios that could happen, and not a single one of them ended well.

When they arrived at the school the dauntless were just jumping off the trains. Jasmine envied them. She envied the way that they had the bravery to do anything.

That they didn’t the let fear stop them… like she did. She was afraid of what she would do. Of what others would do.

The day passed by with teachers and students giving her sympathetic looks, or sneering at her for being a burden. She walked with her head down, not unlike the Abnegation.

She felt bad that they were being treated so poorly over nothing more than rumors, but better them than her.

When they finally released the classes and stuck them all in the cafeteria Jasmine forced herself into the corner near Amity hoping to turn invisible as she watched everyone interact.

She knew almost everyone, but hardly anyone knew her. She was just ‘That Mute Chick’.

“Jasmine Quill,” One of the women standing by the door said her name as she raised her voice above the crowd’s chatter. Jasmine forced herself to stand.

She felt like everyone had stopped talking to stare at her, but actually no one noticed. They were all too entrapped in their own conversations or thoughts about the upcoming events.

She walked into a pristine room. Everything was a sanitary white, and there was a chair sitting the middle room.

She felt like she was about to relive her worst nightmare, it wasn’t unlike a dentist’s chair in that way. All the rooms were divided by large mirrors.

“Please take a seat…” The woman dressed in monotonous grey looked at the monitor, “Jasmine Quill?” Jasmine nodded her head meaning the woman had it correct.

She felt better now that she wasn’t surrounded by people.

“I’m going to attach these to your head right here,” The woman’s voice faded away slightly as she focused on her work.

Possible scenarios chased each other in circles in her head, and not a single one had a pleasant ending, “I’m going to give you a liquid to drink.

A word of warning: it tastes like old fertilizer, beware,” She smiled as she said that when handing Jasmine a vial of clear liquid.

Jasmine downed it all in one drink hardly tasting it. Not long after her grip on reality started to fade away, and she was somewhere else.

‘Choose’ A familiar voice spoke. Her voice surround Jasmine coming from no particular direction, but she looked to the ceiling because that was the most likely location it was coming from.

Jasmine looked away from the ceiling to in front of her where two pedestals were now standing. One held a large chunk of cheese and the other a sparkling dagger.

Jasmine looked up to the ceiling again hoping the woman would continue talking and tell her what it was to be used for. Jasmine was conflicted on whether it was safe to respond or not.

She couldn’t tell if it was a robot or an actual person talking through a microphone.

“Choose.” The voice demanded again. Jasmine huffed at the ceiling realizing that she wasn’t going to tell her anything else.

She turned her back to the two pedestal and looked around the room to see if there was anything that could be seen as a threat or an ally.

“Choose!” The voice yelled harshly this time. It vibrated off the walls, the floors. She felt it deep in her bones, and clenched her jaw at the violating feeling.

Her eyes were welling with tears. She didn’t cope well with yelling. The voice yelled one last time, “Choose!”

She didn’t. She just stared at the pedestals again. She was trying to think of a way she could get both at once, but they were too far apart.

When she blinked the pedestals disappeared along with items on them, and in it’s a place a low rumbling, not unlike one of a wild animals in the biology videos they watch in class.

Jasmine turned around slowly; nervous as to what she will find behind her. When she finished her half circle a large dog stood in front of her.

She bit back a small yelp not wanting to anger it more. It was crouched down, and it’s hackles were raised; both are signs of aggression.

She thought back to everything she has ever read about dogs and their relatives.

Dog declare dominance by eye contact.

Jasmine directed her eyes to the floor at her feet. She watched herself wiggle her toes in anticipation of the future.

Female dogs are protective of their young.

No, she dismissed the fact. She wasn’t aware of it sex therefore she shouldn’t make any assumptions.

Dogs have sensitive underbellies.

She batted away another fact. If only she grabbed the knife, or even the cheese. She pushed herself harder to think of anything and everything about the canine family.

Dogs declare dominance by height.

She let out a breath of relief as she finally found a useful fact. Jasmine sank down to her knees, and then slowly lowered herself onto her stomach when the growling didn’t cease.

She hated the feeling of powerlessness that came with lying on the floor in front of a dangerous animal, yet it still continued to growl. Jasmine started to think past canine families.

‘There must be something I’ve missed!” She scolded herself at her stupidity. She moved on from dog based facts and onto any animal in the animal kingdom.

Male seahorses are the ones that get pregnant. Clownfish change genders halfway through their life. Most penguins mate their whole lives.

She continued to ignore the useless facts shuffling through them with disinterest. Her mind felt cluttered and overcrowded.

I was like a stuffy elevator, you want to get off, but you don’t want walk down the stairs.

Most dominant animals show submission by showing their alpha their neck.

Jasmine turned herself onto her back and showed her neck. The growling stopped immediately and was replaced with a light whimpering. She one her eyes to see what had happened.

A puppy was in its place. She smiled and moved her body into a sitting potion and patted her legs. The puppy waddled to her with paws too big for its body.

Jasmine pet it’s head as the simulation faded away.

“Congratulations, you’ve received Erudite.” The woman have a tight lipped smile, and Jasmine wasn’t sure if it was an Abnegation thing, or if it was her results that caused it.

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