A white Woman with a black Man
A white Woman with a black Man 

thecarsaiditall Community member
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The sick truth of White women with Black men

A white Woman with a black Man

When a White woman(WW) and a Black man (BM) make a relationship

The Ww parents will not accept the black man or their half breed children.

The WW will always think less of the black man bc how the world perceives him

The BM will stick to his weak ways, when with a WW. Due to the fact the WW will always scream rape or abuse if the BM BECOMES MORE DOMINATE

Most WW with BM is crazy and think different they don't get along with their own people and strive to be a bad girl aka outcast

BM are scared of the power of Black woman(BW) so they strive for easy WW

Sample #1 Kylie and him all fake

S#2 Kim and Kayne lol

And we all remember when he dated Ariana Grande

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