Crazy things my teacher has said part 5
Crazy things my teacher has said part 5 9th grade stories

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Crazy things my teacher has said part 5

9/25 1a

"There's a little white boy, a little white kid.."

"Kip must be the little white boy"

"Rico get out your dead fish and start smacking people"

"Would you rather get hit with a dead fish or a live fish?"

"We'll call that a Rico Warmup"

*Reading from chat* "Who wants to make a gay army with me?"

"It's blantanly obvious that Bert and Ernie are gay"

B4 8/29

" Yeah the most wrong is the clueless white girl Freida"

"Okay great you guys are all wrong"

"If Rico leaves you a fish it means he likes you"

"Who wants to get bit by rico?"

"The grand canyon is a baby"

"They are at the edge trying to decide who to throw off the grand canyon"

" they wondered how deep it was and decided how far down it would be if they threw someone down there"

"Do I have to send out rico to bite anybody?"

"Everyday rico bites me he thinks it's funny, it's worse than getting slapped with a flipper"

" hey you guys brought down the average *claps* good job"

"You guys can just sit here and watch me scratch my eye"

"If anybody asks why they are where they are, we yesdon't know."

"I think i just added another attack to rico's skills, octopus throwing it's a good one don't you think"

"That's the miracle of what happens when you have a penguin it causes us to talk about insignificant things like whipping people with a jellyfish"

"The speed of fingernails."

"Bad, smack. Bad Koller."

"It's like hot potato but with lava"

"Do you guys want to see my millennium falcon phone charger?"

"Yo it's Koller, I'm coming to the door."

*continues to describe his trip to game stop in full detail.*

"Where he became darth vader and killed all the children."


"Goose starts to plan mass genocide of all humans, first one to go is River"

"We love our mass genocide cat Goose"

"We need to start a religion"

"Rico is the god and Goose is the high priest"

"Our 3rd eye is opened by the presence of Rico"


"I zoned out and now we're talking about pedo rings in the basement of a pizza parlor"

" I don't know where Rico is. He is probably out in a pond. He's swimming"

"I thought I put it on do not disturb.... I did not :("

"You gotta figure out what kind of rock you're attracted to first"

"Rico likes to rub his feet with pumice"

"Watery truck stop coffee"

"The baby is screaming out for dear life"

"The lung capacity of that child though"

"He's singing the last note at the end of act 1 in a broadway performance"

"The next elphaba, i'm calling it"

As you see we have some annoying children..but not you.

The penguins carry the rocks to their cave and we sit here wondering where all the tiny rocks went"

" She's longing for the dirt it looks like she' in love with it"

" Oh you got a zero...nice good job"

Thank you guys sooooo muchhh okay so....Part the end of this series sorry guys it's almost over. So because it's the last episode.....75 likes for part 6.

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