200 followers!! tysm!!
200 followers!! tysm!! ty stories

thebookqueen14 Coconut Gang!!! love 2 sing and draw!!
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Thank you so much. I love you. You guys are so nice and sweet. I'm glad I came to commaful

200 followers!! tysm!!

These q&a questions were given to me by @queenoctober

Fav food?

Mac and cheese

Fav drink?


Fav book?

HARRY POTTER (still haven't read them al..but I'm workin on it)

Fav story genre?

sci-fi, romance, adventure and horror

fav holiday destination?

my house, or grandparents house...I like the beach too.

What's stuck in your head?


what song is stuck in your head?

can you feel the love tonight-lion king

What's something you're not brave enough to do?

I'm not brave enough to stay home alone overnight

What's something you physically can't do? Something you mentally can't do?

Physically I can't do a split, Mentally I can't write good poems..well I don't think I can


I like k-pop...bts and black pink are my favortite.

Thoughts on life?

Life is boring rn..there is literally nothing to do

Thoughts on the number 13?

The number 13 is unlucky....but not all the time I was 13 last year..it was better than this year.

How/where/when did you find Commaful?

I came 2 Commaful maybe 2-3 months ago, I was looking for a place to write stories and I found Commaful.

Ideas behind pfp and background pic?

Well I like galaxies and drawing so tht's why I choose that pfp and background

Ideas behind name and description? On Commaful

I choose thebokqueen14 because I like books and reading, I see myself as a queen, and I am 14 yo. (this is me)

Fave word?

I don't have a fav word

Anyway thank you for 200 followers!! This took me sooo long 2 make..33 slides is alot.

Also I have 2771 user likes....so thanks for that 2. I love you guys. Please like and comment! and follow...thank you so much

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