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Poem XIV from "Are you okay? No, I write poems." from Karla Aguilera (2015).

Anxiety Parlor

by thebookofstyles

How do you overcome anxiety?

How do you convice people that you are suffering? How do you make them realize that you are not okay? What do you have to do? Desperation kicks in while I think this.

Adults disminish every thought,"you're fine". Well I'm not

It's like I'm stuck on a dead matter tank with no living fish with brownish glasses they are getting dirtier every day with no help, no cleaning. My soul is dying

How do you discover that someone is dead on the inside?

It's so easy to fake a laugh To fake two or three smiles To fake your thoughts On November, I thought that if I believe my act my thoughts would become true But by December,

They were of a shade of grey and deteriorating..

How do you heal this people? How do you make them feel better? Are they broken, Are they unfixable? Doomed to be miserable?

If you state your mood, you're vain you're selfish

You're being subjective. Well, I think we are just sad. We're just sad people. Would the happy child that we once were, be proud of our today's self?

Would the happy child...?

Would the happy child find our life challenging and an adventure? Would the happy child start crying from the pain of our actions? The happy child on my soul is.

We make him cry everytime we're left behind

We make him cry everytime we fake a smile We make him cry everytime we feel like nothing. The happy child currently tells us we're perfect how this situation has a silver-lining, has hope..


and how we can improve to be kinder to be more loveable to be the best persons we can. Sometimes this is only on my dreams Sometimes I think the happy child just died on my self-being.


Maybe we're fixable Maybe we're not completely broken It takes work, I guess but the only thing you need to remember empty souls is to knock on that space of our soul and wait...

Wait for the child to answer...

the only one who can help you it's all the parts of yourself the only one who can help you it's the one who truly loves you the one who truly knows you and that's anyone but yourself.

Thanks for reading...

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