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This poem is a reflection of my feelings with life at the moment... days are tougher but your will shall be stronger, your mind wiser and your hope not vanished! Entry for #Inspire2016.


by Karla Aguilera.

We are in this forgotten transportation

With this crowd That are desperately fighting the demons To forget that their dream is dead.

“You’re not good enough”

One of them whispered. “You’re never going to get out of here” A bold one raised his voice Making the ears bleed.

In this long endless journey

The emotions come in waves Sometimes they destroy everything Sometimes they’re calm and beautiful.

I may have failed today

And I may fail tomorrow But I’m not a failure.

For some seconds,

I will sink I will enjoy my sad emotions And let them drown me.

But after that, I will rise

I will swim to the seashore And give a long desperate breath for air A breathe to live

The stars will light my way,

And the hopeful moon will shine brighter The sky will be clearer And the sun will be exposing the most iridescent rays Clouding my view Making me wish for more.

Making me wish for the day

That I will look at my reflection And proclaim: “I’m proud of myself”.

If I’m dead today,

I will reincarnate tomorrow. Into this hard-working Lively human Searching for the most beautiful of treasures The treasure of better days.

I will keep fighting,

I will keep struggling Until I find me I will smile to the world Even though he refuses to smile at me.

Not giving up,

That’s my way of living. Not giving up, Because life is truly a mystery. Not giving up, Because I’m expectant to see the true smile of the world.

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