Searching for souls
Searching for souls love2016 stories

thebookofstyles19 & living with oversized fantasies.
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Entry for love2016! hope you like it .

Searching for souls

by thebookofstyles

One hundred love songs

And I still havent found that song for you You, person of mystery Wondering around Waiting to be loved

One hundred people around me

I still haven't found you Between the masses But I hope to

So I could be with you 364 days

And in the 365 day I could really mean that " I love you"

One hundred love words

Sweetty, pumpkin, cupcake Words, I haven't used And I hope I could use them with you

Our love is not glamorized

Its not perfect and not movie like We are no Agus and Hazel No Rose and Jack We are not that Tragic and Magical We are... Just us

One hundred faces around me

But I somlemly swear That when we are lovers And hating life together I would say ;

One hundred souls around me

But those one hundred souls Are no match with a precious soul like yours In that time of fraternal love , I would state ;

One soul around me

Forever, irrevocably stained with the simple but deep emotion of love .

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