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Entry for #shortfiction2016... It definitly took an unexpected turn lol, what can i do, i love sufferment haha. Enjoy! Like! Comment! if you like :) Merry December

R a g e

by karla

It was ethereal,

The lilac sky showed him mysteries he would normally hide for his disguise. The shadow his hands locked in his face, made him wonder about life.

Silently breathing, increasingly relaxing,

He let his voice wander. - Isn't it beautiful? Time was never the culprit. - His tender voice susurrated. - Survival is. -a sad tone corrupted him.

While his mind showed its true color,

A prominent figure appeared. - Hey. - She said. - Why are you always lying here? - A void tone appeared. Forgetting language and sounds, silence is all she received.

Well, I’ve heard what you’ve said every day, and it makes me

... -Are you so deprived of distraction that you chose me as one? -There’s not a lot to do in this town. What you said makes me… - Depressed? Take a seat and join me.

The girl puckered her lips and started crying ...

with great emotion that startled the man. -This club is not part of the performer but of the viewer. -Catharsis at its best. – The plain tone resonated in the girls ears.

-I’m not sad. – She yelled to the trees. – I’m mad.

-She screamed to the resentful sky. The man finally sat down and notice the girl was boiling in flames. - You impostor, drown in misery without trying. Complain about hardship,

,...without truly enduring it.

- Yes, life is sad. But it’s better to be full with rage. – Hot tears fell from her reddened cheeks. – That turns to drive and ambition, it can make you a high-achiever.

- Do something, while you are here

Give meaning to your void words. A strong current of wind made everything seem to go in spiral. It was as hysterical as this being. -Why are you saying all these stuff to me? The man yelled

-I’m tired of watching you here. - She eyed him entirely

- I’m angry...- he barely heard. In a second, everything was calm again and the man was left perplex. The girl disappeared. He somehow felt a soft voice complain - Rage.

Raito thought the girl had all the answers to his doubts,

so he came back every day, only to find nothing. The girl’s eerie voice morphed into a secret way into his heart. He started changing. He stopped making dumb questions and started acting.

He was going to be mad, he was going to make his stand.

He will endure and survive.


- You recognize that those figures you see are hallucinations. - The head doctor’s professional voice filled his being. - It hurts to admit it, but they’re. - Raito’s voice faltered a bit.

- I’m so mad that they are always here, that I just start to ignore them. – His eyes absorbed his surroundings entirely.

- You can come in now.

- Dad? – A wary voice resonated in the room. Unconsciously, tears started falling, this emotion was new. It was happiness.

- I heard you read my book, the one called “Rage”? -

- The precious voice said. - Did you like it?

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