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- Hi, I just want to tell you that I love you.


by Karla Aguilera Moreno.


-Shayla, What are you afraid of? -Death. - ...And you? - To live forever. - That doesn't make sense. - Curses do not make sense.


- Sometimes, I think my life is just stepping barefoot stones in a beautiful path. - C'mon Shayla. - I just don't enjoy it. - In my 10.000 years of life , I've learned this one thing.

... and what that is?

- The universe does not care.


-Hi, Shayla. - Hi, Felipe. - Did you miss me? - Only every summer of the year. - Do you want to do something? - why not. - Do you want to travel the world with me?

and why would I travel the world with you?

Because you love me.


- Felipe, Do you believe in God? - In all my years of life, I've seen a lot of stuff Shayla. I've seen the men fall and rise, losing all sense of reason in an instant. -But, do you believe?

In fact, I do.

- Why? - Because I like to feel that I'm loved by an eternal being. - But my love for you is eternal. -Oh, Shayla. Time ceases to be relative when you are eternal...

and the words dissapear in an instant.

Thankless... - You don't believe that I love you? - I do, but the feeling will die with your body. - .. and yours? - It will only be a bitter pang for the rest of the years.


- I'm old Felipe. - Your soul does not reflect that Shayla. - My back is bent and my skin is dry as the desert. - I ,young by appearance, but mentally ill for centuries.

When I die, you will get a surprise.

- People think I'm your grandson. - Morbid is - Morbid will be.


-Several decades you lived, Shayla. But, you could not stay with me. Why do I have this curse? My smile of life, slowly withers and dies without you. Bitterness flows endlessly in my being.

The phone rings and Felipe answers it...

Shayla "Hi, I just wanted to say that I love you. ✔ ✔ "I paid the company, so they will send you the same message everyday, for every moment we spent together in all those beautiful summers ✔

- Your tomb embellishes with your soul,

...and tears fall from my eyes. Oh, solitude! What a mundane feeling.

- Shayla,

I just want to tell you that I love you. And I hope that in some years, I can find the remedy of this curse and go with you, wherever you are now.

Maybe, with that God we always talked about.

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