Careful Whisperer
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Careful Whisperer

by thebookofstyles

Listen to me,

Are you really listening to me? or my words are just passing through your mind like a shadow not welcomed to the world

If you are listening to me,

and not preparing your story to be told I have to tell you something that make my bones and skin crawl in grief as the gloominess enters my soul...

I miss him

this feeling is quite unknown But I start listening his name everywhere I start seeing people like him everywhere It's a cycle it always happen like this

People just tend to forget me

while my world turns into a world where the king is their name this feeling is quite unknown I have never miss someone enough for my bones to hurt

when the emotional pain is at its highest point that makes a bridge into the physical form it's quite unknown I wish it would just stop but that's not my essence

that's not me...

so the only question that remains is When will it stop? maybe when I would stop caring but I know that feeling will never succeed will never conquered my thoughts or soul

Are you listening to me?

'cause I miss you I miss you a lot

Thank you for reading!

Find me on wattpad @ / blueoverols097 twitter -> karaguileram ig -> http1997 :)

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