Why You Shouldn't
Why You Shouldn't detective stories

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Eleanor Smith. That name rings a bell, doesn't it? It sounds like somebody important, somebody who changed the world for the better... Yeah, I remember now! She was the one. (This is just a little teaser :))

Why You Shouldn't

"Eleanor Smith?" The name stuck to the air like a fly in a web.

"Here," A sweet, innocent voice crept from the back of the room. Soon, all eyes were on the small brunette that had spoken. "But please, call me Ella."

"Alright, Ella," Her instructor replied with a deep Latino accent, and smile white enough to light up the underworld.

"Explain to the class why you should raise awareness to the Martin Vesquini case." The small girl put her hand to her chin, looking up in a thinking manner.

She then looked back at the instructor, a small smile spread across her lips.

"How about I explain why you shouldn't." She argued with caution. One wrong move and she could kiss her career as a detective goodbye. The instructor's smile was replaced with an intrigued gaze.

"Go for it, Ms. Smith," He replied.

"Please present me your papers, I shall look them over and see if they are fit to my needing." With a challenging gaze, he outstretched a hand.

He knew, that since it was the first week, no one would be prepared to fight his judgement on the Vesquini case.

"W-Well, Mr. Sanchez," She stuttered as she stared down her light-skinned teacher, observing his features closely.

"I don't have any papers currently, sir." Right then, Sanchez knew that he had already beat one student this semester, but he would soon be proved wrong.

"I'll have a full report on the Martin Vesquini case within two weeks, sir." She announced, noticing her instructor's triumphant gaze.

Seeing defeat, Sanchez straightened his stance and walked back to Ella. He put his hands on her desk, leaning down to intimidate her.

Every pair of eyes in the class was now staring at the two adults, making sure nothing would happen to the small transfer student. Transfer student, yes, but she's from the U.S.

She moved to her new town from Wisconsin.

"You have ten days, Ms. Eleanor Smith." He sneered, looking down upon her.

"If I don't have a completed report by then, you can consider yourself out of my class." Mr. Erik Sanchez stood abruptly, feeling more triumphant than ever, and made his way back to his desk.

Ella stared down at her own, wondering how in the world she was going to get this in by ten days.

When she suggested two weeks she was already stretching it, but now she found herself screwed over. She looked back at her instructor, a sparkle of wisdom and curiosity in her eyes.

A look of confidence and a smile of hope plastered onto her face.

"I accept your proposal, sir." She announced. Just then, the bell rang, signaling that it was time to go home.

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