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My name is Kylo Ren of House Skywalker. My grandfather was Anakin Skywalker, later known as Darth Vader, one of the most powerful Sith Lords in the galaxy. You are nothing!


The men were watching him from the other side of the council table. Lord Dahnna, the steward, was occupying the middle chair, having lord Modhras at one side, and lord Klegus at the other.

The council room seemed dusty and unkempt, although the beautiful murals on the ceiling were giving the bright and stately feeling. Ben would not show, but he felt anxious.

Lord Dahnna was the late king's brother, a pompous and arrogant man, with a grossed look on his face. He was clearly unhappy with this meeting, making no effort to hide this.

Ben felt fear coming from him too. However, it was not because of him.

'' My lord Ren, thank you for honoring our invitation.'' Lord Modhras started the conversation. He seemed eager to talk, like someone who really wants to share a secret.

''We are sure you felt a terrible disturbance in the Force lately, as all the Force sensitive individuals did. This is an anomaly and we hope it manifested in different ways across the galaxy.''

''I feel it here'', stated Ben, looking them straight in the eye.

''Yes, well here is its source.''

Lord Dahnna appeared to be sweating. Ben shifted his cold gaze to him. He didn't like this man.

''Our informants revealed to us that others believe this is a weapon. A powerful and dangerous weapon hidden here in this castle.''

Ben's eyes were flickering small light streams. He was to smart to believe this kind of nonsense. He tilted his neck a little, while studying each figure in front of him.

He looked well groomed that evening, just like a royal Supreme Leader should look like at an official meeting. His raven wavy mane was combed, revealing his ears and face.

The scar was healed and even though its rosy thread was visible on the cheek, his complexion was still young and fresh.

He was pale and had dark circles under his eyes due to lack of sleep, but his gaze emanated power and determination.

His head was held high and his back straight, looking majestically in a black short tunic, strewn with velvet patterns and a red First Order sigil on the chest.

He looked taller than ever, even though he was seated.

''This here is not a weapon.'' His voice was deep and echoed through the room, sounding firm. I had a vision before you called me here.

The Force showed me a woman and I sensed a great amount of power. ''

Lord Dahnna smashed his fist on the table, spurting saliva at the same time with his words.

''This is folly, Modhras! He is just a boy!'', he yelled with anger.

Ben immediately looked down on him and he was about to Force choke him for the insolence, but lord Modhras intervened at the right time.

''Please apologize the steward my lord Ren, he is under a lot of stress. ''

''Explain yourselves this instant'', he thundered, trying to not loose his patience with these fools.

''You are correct my lord, the source of the power is not a weapon.

It is coming from a human, a very powerful Force sensitive member of the royal family'', continued lord Modhras in a calm voice.

''The young girl you saw in your vision is princess Aydanne Avadhar, the steward's niece and the only heir to the throne.''

Ben blinked. He was connecting threads of information in his head, trying to determined the real motive of his visit to Dem'Sha.

The lords were not simply proposing to serve the First Order, they were actually trying to save their skins, or their kingdom.

That explained why the fuming steward had not been crowned king yet. Lord Modhras took his silence as a sign for continuing his affected speech.

''The princess is in a…delicate situation. You felt her presence and power in the Force because we cannot…contain her anymore.''

''She is unstable! A danger for this kingdom! A monster!'' screamed Dahnna with a tremor, wiping the sweat drippings off his forehead.

Ben swallowed, feeling a tension in his neck. ''You are a monster''… He heard Rey's voice, loud and clear, that rainy day when the Force bonded them.

He banished that thought, looking at Dahnna as if he was the smallest man in the universe. Lord Klegus had been silent this whole time, closely observing Ben.

''The princess is special, my lord Ren. She was still in her mother's womb when we experienced her powers. She undertook strenuous training at a very early age, with little results.

When they realized that she can't control her powers, the council decided to hide her. The elders used powerful incantations to seal her presence. Because of that measure the…incident happened.''

''Incident?'' asked Ben. He could fill his blood boiling with excitement.

''She killed my brother!'' yelled Dahnna with a hateful look on his face.'' Ben could feel this man's ambition from a mile away. He could not hide his dark intents.

Modhras ignored him.'' The princess went mad with fury due to her restraint, destroying her seals and unleashing her powers.

She lost sense of herself and accidentally killed several elders, almost halves of Queen's and King's guard and…her parents, King Hadhar and Queen Elarya.

I've never seen such wrath! It was a disaster, it took all our strength to calm her and bind her once more.

Now the times have changed. She is growing, becoming more powerful. If we cannot find someone to control her, others will come for her.

She is our heir, she will be queen one day! My lord Ren, you said you wanted to build a new Empire. Imagine how much power you could have with the princess on your side!...

Help us to control her, you are the only one powerful enough who can train her!

Establish your new capital at Shalinor and you will have the First Order's army and the royal army of Dem'sha at your disposal, plus the wealth and connections of our Kingdom.

You will crush anyone who stands in your way! These powers combined will make you the most powerful leader in the galaxy.

With the princess's hand, you will become the new emperor and sovereign, Kylo Ren of Dem'Sha! ''

''This Solo boy will be nothing to me!'' jumped lord Dahnna, shaking with vehemence.

''You wanted her locked away. You are weak'', said Ben, accusing Dahnna.

The steward growled, responding with an ugly, terrified look. He wanted to climb the table in order to reach Ben, but he was Force chocked.

Ben lifted him from the ground with one hand, while still standing calmly in his chair.

''My name is Kylo Ren of House Skywalker. My grandfather was Anakin Skywalker, later known as Darth Vader, one of the most powerful Sith Lords in the galaxy. You are nothing!

Modhras acted as he was expecting this, bowing his head in respect to Ben. Lord Kelgus nodded in approval, showing a faint smirk on his face.

Ben could kill him right there right now, but he could still use this maggot. He got bored and tossed him on the other side of the room, like he was shaking a bug.

Dahnna cried out in pain and cursed him, but he remained on the ground this time.

''Where is she?'' asked Ben, studying his leather glove.

Modhras and Kelgus smiled with excitement, convinced of the fact that Kylo Ren accepted their proposal.

''Thank you, lord Ren! I suggest you accompany us alone. Going to her guarded may jeopardize your stormtroopers.'' Ben did not know this man well, but he felt he could trust him.

If this was a trap, he would have felt it by now. He nodded.

They left the council room, abandoning Dahnna to his angry remonstration. The Ren's knights and the Aries guard waited on a long hallway, face to face.

They remained still while their new young master and the other two lords passed through, heading towards a loggia at the end of the corridor. An elevator had its doors opened, waiting.

It began to descent what Ben felt like it was the longest course he has ever experienced. ''You are a monster…'' As the elevator went on underground, Ben could hear Rey's voice clearer.

You were mistaken. I am not the only monster, he thought, as if defying her.

Finally, the elevator arrived at its destination. Another long corridor awaited.

This one had countless symbols and elements carved on each wall, depicting scenes from the past, rituals and writings.

At the end, there was a massive stone door, guarded by two Aries knights, who where meditating. They were floating in the air, with their eyes closed.

On the door there were symbols, a sun and its moon, united in halves, surrounded by the Dem'sha constellation.

Kelgus touched the moon half and the door started to lift. The Aries knights didn't even flinch. Ben stepped inside a huge space, what it looked like an underneath temple.

As soon as he was outside the gateway, the door closed and he felt the Force waves. A great power, just like fire, was reigning this temple.

Unlike his vision, here the power was being sealed off. He still felt overwhelmed. He felt his stomach uneasy and all his senses were alert. He had never felt such fever before.

They began walking down the tremendous hall, through colonnades. Ben was to occupied to look on his right and left, so he didn't notice when Modhras and Kelgus stopped.

He suddenly stopped too, a few steps ahead of them.

He was in awe, instantly. In front of him, a young woman was levitating. She was clearly the most beautiful being he had ever seen. His eyes were studying every aspect of her presence.

There was no doubt she was the same woman he saw in his vision, burning him with her power. She had long brown hair the color of dark chocolate, rising like wavy rivers in the air.

Her body was petite, arranged perfectly in a meditating position.

The closed eyes were guarded by long, black eyelashes, and underneath the nose, her red, lovely lips seemed to be a small flower.

Then, he observed how her tiny dress was slowly bouncing on her body, as if she were underwater. Ben had the impression that even time stopped.

''Lord Ren, I present to you princess Aydanne of Dem'Sha, the Starfire…''

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