She's the one

theartsybeanPulling myself together
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Acceptance is key

She's the one

by theartsybean

Is it wrong that I am in love?

Is it wrong that I'm sure she's the one?

Do not call it a sin, if it's a her instead of him

Do not invalidate how I feel

I know for a fact that this is real

So don't force upon me your claims

This is so far from a phase

I do not care what you say

She'll continue to make my heart race

And your words will not change this love

Because I know That she's the one

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7 months agoReply
love is love <33

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
7 months agoReply
It doesn't matter what the gender is, not even the species. Love is love and there is no wrong as long as you are true to it. Great post!!!!