Pieces of you
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theartsybeanPulling myself together
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This shows how though two people may be disconnected physically, mentally untangling yourself can be another story.

Pieces of you

by theartsybean

In many ways, you never left me.

Yes, I had to watch you walk away, and delete your number, but I swear, in many ways:

You're still here.

Pieces of you exist in the way I speak, the way I use the words you used to say to me

How you were always the topic of conversation between me and my fiends, though I know they were sick of it

Pieces of you exist in my room, your jacket's still in my closet, and your cologne's still in my bed sheets

Pieces of you exist in my head, your voice, your smile, I see you every time my eyes shut for the night

I still feel your touch, I see you in everyone else, I swear to god, it's like you never even left

I'd find these pieces like the lost parts to a puzzle, only putting them together won't result in your return

Please, stop haunting me, how could I ever move on if you're love's still lingering?

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