"PERSPECTIVE " Written by The Artist J

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theartistj Christian, Comic Book Artist, and Writer
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Life gets hard sometimes, but sometimes those hard things is what God uses to give us faith and trust Him.

"PERSPECTIVE " Written by The Artist J

You ever notice how beautiful a valley is when your seeing it from a higher perspective

But it seems atrocious when its in your way and you have to travel through it to get to your objectives

Look how awesome a storm is to behold when your not in the midst of it

How wonderous a fire is when your not in the thick of it.

God's sight is so much greater than our own, what we think is obscured, He sees high above on His throne

God cares for His own, but sometimes His greatest work doesn't come while sitting on a pew

But it comes by molding us when our life seems skewed

When seeking God's face is all you can do

It's in these valleys that He's shaping us into something stronger and new

When your closed in on all sides looking up IS your best view

We want all of our prayers answered on our own cues...

But what if learning to trust and wait on God is the breakthrough.

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