Fruitful Futility
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How can you be so unimportant, but still be of so much use?

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Fruitful Futility

To say you are futile

Would be an understatement

A gnawing sting of exasperation

Unto my heart; lament

Why must you stab with what you have not?

To bring forth ridicule

and churn in my everlastingly pleading soul

a knot?

Ironic, isn’t it?

You bring forth the pain

similar to that a tree feels,

when one reads a book under it

seeming to cackle, as you flip the pages

of its shredded ancestors.

You bring forth happiness,

the ear to ear grin

of tickling the underside of

a warm vivacious puppy

as the rays of sunlight dance upon its face

You bring forth anger.

A brewing stew, which ceases to blow up

time after time

but froth with growing envy

at the desired attention,

for which it pleads.

So while it may be an understatement

to state that you are futile;

you are in reality not;

for how can one,

with scale of impact so large

be said to not be useful,

when your use is in

nurturing my undying emotions

every day.

– Alla.G

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