The Mad Writings of a Bored Person
The Mad Writings of a Bored Person weird stories

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From a ghost.

The Mad Writings of a Bored Person

From a ghost.

Hello, again. I'm back. The ghost on the computer. I have learned a few new things, such as cell phones don't have invisible cords and they use these things called Wifi and Data.

I'd like to meet Wifi and Data one day, they help us out a lot! Oh, they're not people, you say? Then what are they? Don't smack your head! Tell me! Oh well.

I'm having great fun haunting people, I've chosen a few places to haunt people at. I love scaring them! Imagine, running away from a black blur in the hallway. People these days.

Anyways, so I hear you watch television? It's like box that talks to you, right? Stop smacking your head! Well, now you're gone. See ya next time! Well not really see you but...oh well.

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